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Monday, May 21, 2012

Miss Jessie's Product Review

Miss Jessie's Product Review
I requested to try Miss Jessie's Product's and they obliged to send me 2 samples. I preferred to try their deep treatments, but they indicated they did not offer those in samples and that they would send me the Curly Pudding and Baby Butter Creme.
For more information you can view my Youtube review on this product. Overall, I was not impressed by either one. At the price of a should-be miracle product, neither of these wow'd me! In fact, I did not like the waxy coating I felt the Curly Pudding gave my hair (or the next day crunchiness), or the way the Baby Butter Creme seemed to just sit on top of my tresses and....do nothing. Though, I don't think I will becoming a fan of their styling products, I would still consider giving their deep treatments a try in the future. This is my own, general, unbiased review. I do thank Miss Jessie's for supplying me with samples of their product and as well all know Natural hair is different and what doesn't work for me, may very well work for someone else!

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  1. im glad i read this, i was dying to try it but was iffy about the cost. thank you for your honest opinion