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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mini Length Check!

The photo on the right was in February 2012 right around the time I did my second big chop. The photo on the left was taken in May 2012, 3 months later. The first pic was the last time I straightened my hair and since I'm not straightening again until July 1st the second pic is just me trying to pull/stretch the hair. You can use my collar bone as an indicator. It could be the angle, making it look longer in the first pic, but my hair barely touched my shoulders 3 months ago. now stretches to well past my collarbone!

The next pic is an older one I found. I like to use my roots to document my growth as well, since I'm color treated. My hair took a major leap in the month of March. The photo on the left was taken March 3 and on the right, March 30. If you're interested in what I was doing at that time be sure to Comment and I will write a post about it!

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  1. hey, what are you doing to get your hair to grow so fast!