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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Aloe Vera and why it's important!

Aloe Vera and why it's important!

I just wanted to share a little secret with you all that I have found. Natural hair absolutely LOVES Aloe Vera, whether it be in the juice or gel form. The brand I prefer to use is Lily of the Desert. After faithfully using AV Juice and Gel for about a month straight I have found that my hair responds very well to it. It adds moisture, makes hair softer, defines thr curl, helps with detangling, and it is a wide known fact that Aloe Vera has healing properties and since I am color-treated, I definitely need that! I put Aloe Vera in everything. I apply it directly to my hair before any other product after washing, spritz my hair with it every morning, and even include it in my “Super Sealant” that I concocted. I will describe it in a different post. In addition to using Aloe Vera faithfully on my hair, I make it a point to Drink “Aloe Water” every morning first thing. I mix 8oz of AV Juice with 16 oz of water, to form a 24oz drink. It is delicious and extremely good for your insides!

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