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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Protective Style of the Week: Two Strand Twists and My Vitamin Packed Mega Growth Oil Infusion

How I went from this:
To this:
I decided to put my hair up for the week. I am SO pleased with the results of my two strand twists. They are super soft, moisturized and have a nice shine to them. Though they did shrink quite a bit, they are extremely fluffy and bouncy. Now, for how I got the style. I didn't wash my hair to achieve my twists. I literally went from the above style in the first pic of my 3 day old wash and go, right into the twists. I started by filling my spray bottle with water, a little conditioner, and a good amount of my Homemade Infusion. The product is pictured below. I make it on my own using a multitude of ingredients. It is FULL of essential oils, vitamins, and raw organic ingredients and is a Mega Growth Potion that aides with healthy hair. The bottle below is the same type that I have for sale, you can purchase it by emailing me, it will later be included on my website.
I then began parting my hair in sections, each section I sprayed down with my the mix and then detangled with my knock-off Denman brush (it gets the job done for a fraction of the price). I added a tiny bit of Olive Oil Ecostyler gel to the ends of section before twisting. I am out of town, which is why I used the OOEcostyler, Otherwise, I would have used my Homemade, Healthy Hair Gel, that I will be offering for sale as well. It is made of all natural ingredients and is great for length retention. Then, I simply twisted my hair in small sections and coiled the ends aroung my fingers. It is still drying as we speak (only the roots are still damp). I plan to wear these twists all week starting out by dressing them up with headbands and scarves, and as they get older I will pull them into a bun/ponytail. I will post update pics in a few days!

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