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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Common Misconceptions About Natural Hair

I asked, You Answered! ..And now I'm commenting!

I posed the question on my Instagram(Genetra), "What do you think are some common misconceptions about Natural Hair? Below are your answers, and a few of my own. Note that these statements are MISCONCEPTIONS, meaning they are not true (or not entirely true in some cases):

-- "You can't comb through it". Dry combing is neither easy nor healthy for natural kinks and coils, however, I find my hair extremely easy to comb through anytime it is damp/wet and has some sort of product in it(i.e. conditioner).
-- "Natural hair isn't versatile". False. Natural hair is even more versatile than chemically processed hairor any type.
-- "It doesn't fit everyone's features". How can the hair you were born with, that grows out of your head not fit your features?!
-- "It doesn't look good". Once again, its the hair that grows out of your head. Without proper care and maintenance any hair will look "bad". Natural hair that is cared for, is beyond beautiful.
-- "Your hair will be nappy". This is actually true, however, we need to take the negative connotation off of the word "nappy". Why does the word "nappy", which is only associated with the tresses of ethnic women, considered something unattractive or to be ashamed of? In my opinion, if you call my hair nappy, it is a compliment, a part of who I am and a staple to my identity. Yes, as a natural your hair may be nappy, but does that automatically mean dry, unkept, and unmanageable (which is often the image meant to be portrayed by the term)? Let's stop conforming to the "white is right" mentality and be concerned about the health of our scalp and hair. RANT OVER :)
-- "It's not professional". Again, what standard of beauty and professionalism are we conforming to? I wear a puff, twist out, or turban/head scarf to work any day! How I wear my hair, should not detract from my credentials.

These are all that I am going to comment on, for now. If you have any topics for discussion please let me know by commenting here or emailing me at kinkykouturehair@gmail.com

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