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Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Yarn Twists

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Last winter around November, I tried Yarn braids for the first time --and LOVED THEM. The only thing that stopped me from putting them in since then was the installation and take down times... Those things took forever to put in and had my fingers cramping (as someone who does my own hair ALL THE TIME, that's saying alot). Recently, with the cold weather (hopefully) approaching and me wanting an alternative protective style to sew ins, I decided to give these a second chance. This time, however, I decided to try twisting them, instead of braiding. Let me tell you, that was one of the smartest ideas I've ever had. Unfortunately, I didn't really track the installation time for these, I had 3 days in a row off, so I worked a little each day, while watching season 2 of Gossip Girl on Netflix. Nonetheless, I can say, compared to yarn braids, the installation of these were Painless, and I made them smaller this time! I used 5 strands of yarn for each braid because I wanted them thick, and let me tell you, these things are THICK! I will have to surely work some sort of magic, if I ever want to get these into a bun. I love high buns so this a little disappointing, but I'm sure I'll figure something out. As far as weight they are not heavy AT ALL! Especially when wearing them down. When I did attempt to put them up, they were a little heavy, but fresh braids usually are. My goal is to keep these in for 4-6 weeks, I haven't decided which is my actual goal time, yet. I want to consider this some sort of Protective Style Challenge. Feel free to follow my styling and upkeep of these braids on Instagram (Genetra) and check in for Youtube
 on the style (youtube.com/Genetra) (I will be uploading the YouTube video about my yarn twists in a few days. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!


  1. I see you did these a while ago, and I hope that you had a positive experience with them!

    I'm trying to grow my hair out from buzzing it over the summer, and thought this might be a fun way to do it. I love it so far. Had my first installation for 7 weeks, and just re-did them longer. I really think this is a style I'll be able to stick with while I grow out.

    Your twists look amazing though! Crazy thick, and powerful! You go!

  2. Hello I have a few questions:

    What's in the red bowl?
    Did you begin the twists with braids or twists?
    DId you have any issues with product buildup?

    Thanks! This look REALLY nice :)